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2017 January-December
133 days
Computational Algorithms
1045 days
Medical Imaging and Computing
4380 days
Ongoing Submissions
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Most Downloaded Publications
Downloaded 83923 times
Automatic Junction Detection for Tubular Structures
Downloaded 37006 times
An ITK-Based Framework for 2D-3D Registration with Multiple Fixed Images
Downloaded 30339 times
Anisotropic Fast Marching in ITK
Downloaded 25469 times
Anisotropic Diffusion in ITK
Downloaded 18128 times

Most Viewed Publications
An accessible, hands-on tutorial system for image-guided therapy and medical robotics using a robot and open-source software
Viewed 69127 times
Diffeomorphic Demons Using ITK's Finite Difference Solver Hierarchy
Viewed 39905 times
N4ITK: Nick's N3 ITK Implementation For MRI Bias Field Correction
Viewed 38839 times
Radial Thickness Calculation and Visualization for Volumetric Layers
Viewed 37275 times
Implementation of local structure tensor and enhancement anisotropic diffusion filters in ITK
Viewed 35117 times
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