Combining Transforms in ITK

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The current ITK release 2.6 does not contain a way to combine transforms in a structural way. This document describes a contribution to the Insight Toolkit ITK url{}, which implements what we call an doxygen{CombinationTransform}. Two ways to combine transforms are implemented, by addition and by composition. Depending on this selection, different implementations of the code{TransformPoint()} are provided. Also the expressions for the Jacobian and the inverse transform depend on the way transforms are combined. By using function pointers expensive code{if}-statements are avoided. This paper is accompanied with the
source code.
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Categories: CMake, Data Representation, Derivatives and Integrals, Filtering, Geometric transforms, Image, Mathematics, Programming, Registration, Resampling, Transforms
Keywords: transforms, addition, concatenation, itk::CombinationTransform
Toolkits: ITK, CMake
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